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It is obvious that diabetes mellitus has become an epidemic, and the presence of a high probability of developing chronic complications of this disease is a serious challenge for both the medical community and patients.

"Foot lesions in this disease are a special problem. In patients with diabetes, the blood supply to the extremities is disrupted, and atherosclerosis of small vessels develops. This can lead to inflammation and local tissue death, and as a result – amputation of the lower extremities. Such violations can occur in every person suffering from diabetes, - explains the head of the inter-Road center "Diabetic foot" NUZ "Road clinical hospital at the station Chelyabinsk of JSC "Russian Railways", candidate of medical Sciences Kovalev Alexander Viktorovich. - Every year, more than a million lower limb amputations are performed in diabetic patients worldwide. You can say that it happens every 30 seconds anywhere in the world."

Disorders of the body: causes and treatmentthe Road clinical hospital operates a unique center for the treatment of diabetic foot in our city, where a comprehensive approach is successfully practiced. A large group of doctors: podiatrist, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, neurologist, surgeon help patients avoid the negative consequences of diabetes. Diagnostics, hygiene procedures, surgical interventions and rehabilitation measures-this range of medical care is available to patients of the Center.

"Inter-road center" Diabetic foot " has been operating since 2008. It combines several departments of the hospital. The interaction of specialists is the key to the successful preservation of the feet and subsequent restoration of the patient's motor activity, - says Alexander Viktorovich. - our efforts are primarily aimed at avoiding high amputation of the lower limb, which leads to disability, carries the risk of amputation of the second lower limb (due to increased load on it) and death. We are talking about preserving the supporting ability of the foot in order for a person to move independently.

Our center has everything you need to diagnose foot injuries: angiographic devices for determining blood flow disorders of the lower extremities, ultrasound and x-ray equipment, magnetic resonance imaging, clinical and diagnostic laboratory.

For treatment, we use modern methods: angioplasty, stenting of lower limb arteries, bypass surgery, removal of atherosclerotic plaques, vacuum drainage of wounds. A large number of plastic surgeries and cellular technologies for wound healing are performed. Laser equipment, modern dressings and, of course, developments of the Department of faculty surgery of the southern state medical UNIVERSITY help us in our work, "explains Alexander Kovalev." the use of these techniques allows us to save the limb in 90% of cases. This is a great result!

It should also be noted that the center has an office "Diabetic foot", where a specialist, a podiatrist, performs hardware treatment of the feet and teaches patients how to avoid complications, how to deal with cracks, corns, ingrown toenails.

Drug therapy, surgical AIDS and medical hygiene are quite effective in the treatment of diabetic foot, but, nevertheless, the most important thing is the prevention of complications.